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After my account of what happened to the two travelers, a couple of weeks. As I said, they told me they were coming the next day, and she brought two friends, both back a bit younger travelers around the twenties. The four boys were very fit and athletic and darkness. I found her very sexy. All four were very cocky and arrogant, and clearly saw me as a high class bitch what she deserves. It was my little rough, and that's exactly what it should be. I was only in socks, belts and dresses Suzzi healthy and has been freshly waxed for them. Once they entered the previous day pushed me against the wall and groped my finger in my ass hdporno and a deep French kiss me. The new kids took off the top and told me to suck them both, they were very impressive hdporno and the cocks were rock hard. I took turns in sucking and was deeply impressed by the bloody face of both. When both had cum in my throat. I raised four major orp, by the hair and dragged me to the master bedroom stairs and said he came abused rich bitch that slag. It really hurts when I pulled up the stairs, once in the bedroom, which was lying in bed. The boys were all naked and fucked as far to get first, no preparation, just a shit hard and rough rape and pitiless, had a large tail and thick, it took a while to get wet, but I have the enjoyable experience as I fucked hard, swore at me and hit me in the face, the other two each had a tit, biting and squeezing hard. The last update was telling the guy that pisses me off to give him, harm the dog. When he has me hdporno in its place and continue with othet fucking abusive, took turns to fuck me. The first two of the boys then you have to keep your legs open and use some of the runs in the ass and the ass and I started to fuck my tits again through the fourth man to kiss me and told me he was bruised a very sexy bitch. againEveryone took turns with my butt, and expect me clean, if all were ready. When I did she laughed and said what a whore. One of them I found a pair of boots for sex, and hdporno tied my hand hdporno on the top of the headboard. One of them went downstairs and found some vodka and whiskey and wine with him, is also a bit of champagne, they said they would use to me, I was not sure what they meant. One of them continue to go through my movements and I finally found the box of sex toys and pulled out a cane, a paddle, whip and a dozen big dildos and vibrators nipple clamps and eight others, to be put on my nipples . The youngest hdporno was hard again and fucked me, but without the ball first contact with me I always captivated me again, and he caught hdporno the dog ass after that decided the cane and the whip and paddle and a belt in ass very hard use, it is so painful that was caught by my 14 'dildo and I was running both in a mixture of painand the absolute joy when finshed beating, alternately took turns fucking every hole, my Fanny and my ass. I removed the handcuffs and gave me back my recuffed and squeezed my nipple clamps until hdporno I had tears in his eyes, then having two legs far apart and opened the champagne and poured it into me, hdporno the feeling was incredible, I had about three orgasms. Then they went to fuck me in my ass from the bottle. Then it all over me and masturbating cum bucket over my face, hair, breasts, body. Then, decided to retire after a few photos. Then I realized I had the whole thing on video. They drank vodka and whiskey, and he hdporno said he had a demon amazing and what a bitch she was. Of course, my husband must be an idiot not satisfied. The rest of the day followed the same, I DP'd, tp'd in each hole, tough, bitter, I have the best sexual experience and had orgasms as I remember, always, sex wasIVUS, sometimes violent, coarse and hard. But that's what excites me, my husband did not like too hard, so he's happy for me, especially on the side. The most spent the night with 11 other left of the clock. In the afternoon the group of travelers were gone. I was with the best memories, weak legs and very serious ass waist, love bites and bruises all over on the left. At least, I left a video of the event, despite the fact that they left with three bottles of vodka and whiskey, after drinking three bottles of vodka a day. Someone who can treat me as if I can do it alone.
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